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I am a freelance web developer living in Chile.


I´m Chilean developer, I like the code and enjoy life.

I like living this present. Amateur historian, amateur photographer and music enthusiast.

Life Stats


liter of waters per day


km ride bikes for week


I have a network of developers and designers that I sometimes work with. If your web project is large enough, I can put together a team of expert developers and designers, to tackle the big stuff.


Blogging is such an opportunity. I am sad to see people abandoning the chance to express, to connect, to build relationships. For me, the love of blogging (and what it means to me) is why I have been in the game so long. It is how I have stayed sane when I was an employee, and how I center myself today as a creator.

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a casa!

Matanza - Cuba

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Vivo a la sombras de mis sueños, vivo a la luz de mis metas… postergando al punto final de la felicidad mi muerte. Un ápice de vida puede pasar a ser un gran recurso en la historia. No perda...


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